The Dixie's Story

Dixie’s is bringin' the authentic BBQ of Austin, Texas all the way up to Vancouver.

From mouth-watering, deep-smoked BBQ meats & home-style sides to make sure yer never off one's feed... to cold, refreshing beer & southern-inspired cocktails that'll make it feel like ya been in the sun. Dixie's will treat ya'll to the storied, rustic warmth of true southern hospitality.

Dixie’s is open for dinner 5 nights a week, as well as being available for private functions and catering.  Reservations recommended!

Dixie’s is the all-fired Texas BBQ that Vancouver has been waitin' for.

Now we've howdied but we ain't shook yet, so come on down to Dixie's and sit yourself down for some smokin' good times!

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Make yer reservation with the widget above - thanks!  

Groups of 9 or more, please email or call us to book at or call 778-379-4770.

Please CALL US for take out orders!

Please note we SELL OUT of our popular items, and due to the slow and low cook times, once they're gone, they're gone!  We recommend early reservations if you want all the meats.



Monday/Tuesday          CLOSED

Wednesday - Sunday      Dinner 5 pm til 10 pm


We're just over yonder

We're at 337 East Hastings Street. Vancouver, BC V6A 1P3. You can get directions 'fer your horse by clicking here.

Please make yer reservation with the widget above - thanks!